The Preschool teachers and I were talking about using pages to be more efficient with documentation. One teacher asked how I used it to create and individualize a piece of documentation that could be used for whole class activities (responding to literature; cooking) or events (Sports Day; first week of school). The idea for this screencast was born!

Well this took a while!

Here was my script – easy to start using but then you need to make sure you know what comes next. Not as easy as I thought!

Screencast – Using Pages (Script)

1. Intro – Hello I am going to explain how I use pages to make documentation pieces that can be used for all students. This is helpful when I want to have a piece for each child’s portfolio for common events such as sports day or for responding to literature. I will make a page about gymnastics for each student.

2. To begin – open pages. Choose a template you are interested in using.

3. Change the text. I have already written a common piece for at the bottom, so I just copy and paste it in.

4. Add the common photos from iphotos. These can just be dragged and dropped. Make sure the photo is yellow in iphoto and the placeholder is blue.

5. Once I am happy with my format, I highlight the page on the left side and then use the shortcut keys to copy and paste – voila ! It is ready to now personalize for each student.

6. Normally, I would then just each child’s individual iphoto album to find the photos I want to add. But because this is public, I will just grab a photo from the PE folder and add a fake name. I like to add comments by the child as well.

7. Then I again copy and paste to make the next student’s page.

8. Continue until one has been completed for every student!


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