Reflecting on what I learned

My first post contained 4 goals for this course. Did I meet them?

1. Helping me develop my general technology skills and therefore be more EFFECTIVE

Flickr image – by williamallthing

 I have to say this goal is rather broad and never ending. I feel learning technology is a bit like being on a hamster wheel. It is a never ending race – just as you think you can do something, the technology changes. Having said that, I don’t feel stressed by this idea (do the hamsters get upset that they never get anywhere?) And I also know that I have to keep getting on that wheel so I don’t get left behind. This course kept me on the wheel; I enjoyed thinking, talking and trying out different technologies. Goal 1 achieved.


Flickr CC by Kevin Conor Kelley 

2.Providing opportunities to practice my video making skills so I can be more EFFICIENT in sharing learning with children and families

I initially wanted to make an audio podcast; boy am I glad we made a video one. It was FUN to play in the video and then play while we edited it. I loved editing that video and I really look forward to making one for my class. Goal 2 achieved.

3. Finding new ways to document the learning in my classroom so I can be more EFFECTIVE

The blog post on using different apps for my documentation really got me thinking about which one to use to be more efficient. I made the screencast for another Preschool teacher who wanted to know how I used pages – so it prompted me to explore the Pages. And now I really like this software. And the finished product looks GOOD! Goal 3 achieved.

4. Practicing blogging skills so I am more EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT

I am a little envious of how easy it is to insert videos and images into vs., but that aside, it was good to explore a different way of blogging. Oh and I learned how to change my theme appearance – which I did a lot! (Imagine if I changed my school blog often!)  I actually don’t think I achieved this goal but I am not sure it is as important as my others. Especially since I was challenged to try other new technologies.

What other skills and understandings have I developed?

– Twitter – I know have my twitter account open and I have been reading the feed.

– iPhoto – Whether as a result of this class, or result of a need to know, I have discovered some very cool things about iPhoto.

-Infographics – I learned how to make my own infographic. Now I need a real topic to make one about. Or fake data.

– Pecha Kucha – How to keep my presentations simple.

– Screencasting – Then I can screencast my pecha kucha.

– Collaborative Learning – I really enjoyed reading all the other blogs – sometimes I found that I didn’t have a comment, just enjoyed the reading.

– Challenge of being honest – I love to grab images from places. Keeping it ‘CC” is tricky!

Future Usefulness?

Was there anything not useful? Seriously. As I said above, I think keeping up with technology is like being on a hamster wheel. When my children were babies, I had two years off from teaching. And lived in a place with terrible internet. So I felt like I fell off the hamster wheel. I was really worried when I went back to work, so I started reading all these blogs and panicking. Since then I try to read various blogs and articles, and try new technologies. From this course, I now have new resources and new things to try. I know I am not an expert but I never want to feel left behind again.

Never stop learning! Thanks Steve!

(All images from Creative Common Flickr)


One thought on “Reflecting on what I learned

  1. Great idea about screencasting the pecha kucha. I had not thought of that, it’s actually a really useful way to put across a message and listen to the presentation again, perfect to use in the classroom especially when you have those repetitive questions you can just refer the students to the screencast.

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