Which app for documentation?

There is an app I love that I use for making quick documentation pages called ‘PicCollage.’ I have tried to convert encourage other Preschool teachers to use it, and they have the done the same with a few other apps on our ipads. SO I decided to be a little more open minded and try them.


The great app comparison involves these 4 apps. For my purposes, I want an app that:

-allows me to choose photos as I create the document

-some photo editing/changing of ‘mask’

-I can add text and speech easily

-I can email directly to my school account so I can print it quickly

1. ComicStrip

For this app, you need to know how many photos you are using before you choose the template. You can then add speech bubbles or caption boxes of different shapes. I found adding the bubbles to be time consuming, although it is clear who is saying what.


When you are finished, you can save it to your library. I couldn’t find a way to directly email it myself.

Overall impression: finished result looks good, but adding the speech bubbles and the extra step of having to email it form the photo library was a detraction. However, I could NOT email it and just download the finished product later.

2. Frametastic

This app was quick and easy. You decide on the frame and add the photos. However, I realised that I needed to add another photo after starting on a frame, but changing the frames looses any work already done. Photos can be adjusted in the frame so you can show only a portion. The frame width and colour can be changed.


You cannot add any text, but you can email it yourself when done.

Overall impression: App was easy to use – very simple and no nonsense. But not having a text option means it is not useful more my purposes.

3.Pic Collage

You already know this is my favourite. Why? Because I can choose a number of photos to import (up to 12) ,  look closely at them once they are imported, trash the blurry/bad ones and then create a frame for the ones left. This means I don’t have to look closely at the photos in iPhoto before making the document. The frame can be changed and photos easily shuffled. Text can be added in boxes but there are no speech bubbles. Editing the text/colours is quick. It has ‘stickers’ to add but I never do.


The program works in ‘portrait mode,’ so I end up turning the photos into landscape, but then the program remains portrait when adding text or changing the frame. You can email the finished product or save it to the photo library.

Overall impression: Because I use this app the most, I find it easiest to use. Framing after you decide on the number is photos is so handy but the photos don’t always fit the frame as well. And I sometimes use too many photos. It also doesn’t have the option for speech bubbles.

4. Strip Designer

I realised this app was new to me when I opened it. I liked how the templates included room at the top for text. Tis means I can write a summarization and interpretation in that spot! Once you decide on the number of photos, you can choose the frame, add the photos and speech bubbles.


I loved all the options of how to save and share the finished product!

Overall impression: Easy to use and easily well-suited for my purposes. Met most of my criteria for what I want in an app. I was pleasantly surprised!


PicCollage has new competition! Strip Design is my new…2nd choice! I really like how quickly I can get one piece of documentation done with PicCollage, but I want to focus on adding speech, then I will use Strip Design.

Want to get started with Strip Design? Check out this tutorial:


3 thoughts on “Which app for documentation?

  1. Wow! I love your list! I use PicColllage for my personal photos, but haven’t brought it into the classroom yet. But I will definately try the other 3, I’m excited! Thanks!

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  3. Thank you for showing me Pic collage and strip design. I can really see a use for these in my 9th grade Science class. I wish I had known about these apps 2 weeks ago when I was getting my students to make energy cartoons! I will have to look for uses in my 12th grade classes. Definitely useable in my home though. Thanks again.

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