Using Pinterest in the Classroom

In the Preschool, we have four classrooms, each with a lead teacher and two supporting teachers. We spend a lot of time in conversation about what provocations to provide for the students. Each classroom has different areas for the students to explore. At the end of last year, one of the assistant teachers suggested the team use Pinterest as way to collect ideas for our classroom.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an electronic ‘pinboard’ consisting of images gathered from around the World Wide Web. Once you find a site that interests you, you ‘pin’ it onto your pinboard by selecting an image. On your ‘pinboard,’ you can create different ‘boards’ to organize the pins.

This video summarizes Pinterest well –  

Please note that you no longer need an invitation.

How does it work for a group of teachers?

We  created a log-in and password for ‘ISM Preschool,’ therefore all teachers have access. As we look for and stumble across valuable ideas, we can ‘pin’ them onto our site for everyone to see. A more effective way may be to create a board and ‘invite’ others to pin onto it; the board will then go onto their profile. I will try this with my team!

What are the benefits of using Pinterest?

  1. Many hands make light work. Thirteen people looking for similar information means we have the potential to increase our EFFICIENCY (this is one of my goals for this course).
  2. The information is organized when others go to use it.
  3. We can upload photos of our own provocations/set-ups to share and use later.

 What are the disadvantages/problems of using Pinterest?

  1. It has the potential to be a huge time-waster. I can get lost on pinterest so easily as I discover interesting ideas which leads to a new blog….and before you know it, an hour has passed.
  2. You need to have an established idea of the focus of the pins for a group. We want pins that provide opportunities for hands-on explorations in our Preschool, however there are many ‘thematic’ boards that can distract you from your focus.
  3. A collaborative board could easily ‘die’ if you don’t get everyone involved. (Which reminds me – I need to remind my teachers about our pinterest board)

How else can it be used in teaching?

I wanted to find other ways for using pinterest in the classroom. First I read a site with 37 suggestions.

Number 36 is my new favourite!

I found a pinterest board of ways to use Pinterest in education. I immediately noticed a pin about creating a wish list – now I know how I will get my teachers to keep track of items we need to order locally and overseas!

How is this helping me reach my goals of this course?

Feeling inspired to ‘pin!” Photo by h.koppdelaney

My goals are to use technology in an EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT way. I am now re-inspired to get my team using Pinterest as well as using it to discover new ways to use technology with my documentation. (Idea for another blog post?)

Who else uses Pinterest in their teaching? How do you use it?


7 thoughts on “Using Pinterest in the Classroom

  1. I’ve never used Pinterest before and I’m struggling to think of ways to use it in my math lessons, but I’ve just had an idea…Today I wanted my students to model solving linear equations. i gave them some multilink cubes and asked them to take pictures on their phone of each step of the process. This would be great to share on something like Pinterest as the students will be able to see their own work and share their photos with each other and hopefully relate it to their math.

  2. I’m the same as Sheena, I’d heard of Pinterest before but never thought of using it in the classroom. However, there are so many motivational fitness quotes (some cheesier than others) but also, more importantly, some exercises as well for particular muscles groups that you can group into different categories.
    Definitely something to show some of the class members who are struggling for ideas for specific exercises.

  3. I love Pinterest! I have 50+ boards! I so agree that it’s an amazing resource and that list is so true! I’ll find you and follow you!

  4. I love Pinterest! I have 50+ boards! I so agree that it’s an amazing resource and that list is so true! I’ll find you and follow you! It’s great for Art class, we use it as hook or starter for the kids to look at, figure out what’s out there, what they like and inspired by, then go off and research on their own. Here’s one board that I used to intro sculpture to my MS ArtSculpt class
    It’s visual, quick and easy. I haven’t found a way to imbed a board to my blog post yet but i can post a photo that will then link to that board. I’ve also taken a screenshot of the board and posted that and then linked it on the side. Some kids have made their own boards now too, although I didn’t require them too because it can be quite addictive. I’ve accidentally spent 3 hours pinning….

  5. Great idea for collaborating with your team, Jen. Something like this may be a great resource for the math department as our department goal this year is to gather ideas for formatively assessing our students, though the math ideas I have found thus far have been designed around educating younger students. I also see how Pinterest can be a bit of a maze. In the very short time I have spent exploring the site, I have found it challenging to stay focused on the original task and not get sidetracked by all the other avenues available to explore.

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