Using Book Creator

1Book Creator is an app that I have been hearing a lot about. It is being used by educators to have children make an e-book, sharing what they have learned.  Having downloaded the app a few months ago, but never having used it, I took the opportunity of this course to explore how to make a book.

Steve directed me a site with step-by-step instructions on how to make a book. You can change the text and background colours, as well as add photos and sound. For this first book, I used only photos.

Once I finished, I needed a way to share it with families. The site suggested sharing it with Dropbox. After downloading and reading the site again, I realized this was instructions to make a collaborative book. (Reminder to self – read the whole post before following the instructions.) Sharing via drop-box certainly would be useful for collaborating with the other Preschool classes, but I needed to find out a different way to share this with the families. So I went back to the app and noticed the export icon below my book.

Clicking onto the icon, gave me these options (see photo). I then exported the book as a PDF file and emailed it to my school email. Done! Shared with families.


Has this app helped me with my goals for this course? One of my goals is to find new ways to document the learning in my classroom so I can be more EFFECTIVE. This app has the potential to document learning effectively – I can collaborate with my students to document what happened and what they learned. This is especially important with my young non-literate students. However, I can see the app assisting in developing children’s understanding that text carries meaning as I type their words, and for those who are beginning to recognize words, they can work on their beginning reading skills.

Now I need to explore the app further to figure out how to share a finished book that contains voice or video. Adding the students’ own words will make the books even more meaningful for families and the children as they see their thinking being valued and published. Looking forward to continuing to explore with Book Creator…in my classroom!


4 thoughts on “Using Book Creator

  1. I have not heard about this app until reading your blog and it sounds like an informative and effective learning tool with the potential to enhance learning in the classroom and also at home with parents. Although I’m not sure when I would use it through my teaching, it has given me ideas for collaborative learning in MS and in particular encouraging pupils to understand that we all learn in different ways.

  2. Jen, this app sounds intriguing. In fifth grade we make a book for one of our science units. It’s completely “old school”–fold the paper, create illustrations with colored pencils, then write the text with your pencil. I have to say that the students really enjoy it, even as low tech as it is. Maybe it’s such a novelty to color! I have two questions (not that you need to answer, but that I will explore myself): 1) Is there an app where they can still create the drawings themselves, not just import photographs or just use preselected shapes; and 2) Maybe I can use this app by having them create the pencil drawings (which they really do enjoy) and then take photos of the drawings and type in the text. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love this review and app. Is it child friendly or did you need to be there at all times to compile the book?

  4. Sandra – I found this site with a list of book making apps – perhaps one of these would be better suited for your purposes? I may explore some myself now!
    I have used your 2nd idea to make books – I love the look of the crayon pictures created by the children, so I will photograph them and use them in a digital application.

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