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What do I want to get out this course? What are my goals?

This year my personal goal is to use technology in an EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT way to observe and document what my students are learning. I want this course to assist me in reaching this goal by:

– helping me develop my general technology skills and therefore be more EFFECTIVE
– providing opportunities to practice my video making skills so I can be more EFFICIENT in sharing learning with children and families
– finding new ways to document the learning in my classroom so I can be more EFFECTIVE
– practicing blogging skills so I am more EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT
I can’t wait to get started!


3 thoughts on “Wonderings?

  1. Jen, those all-caps words really resonate with me. If I am going to stick with something, it has to be able to work efficiently. If technology makes things less efficient, then it will fall by the wayside–at least for me. And it goes without saying that ineffective technology use is pointless. I know that students will enjoy using technology, but the results must be there to make it worthwhile. I haven’t found the school blogs effective, but have been told to post once a week. Now that I’ve learned more about how to personalize and enhance them to fit my students’ and their parents needs, maybe it will improve that communication.

  2. […] for similar information means we have the potential to increase our EFFICIENCY (this is one of my goals for this […]

  3. […] one of the examples was to use infographics to translate found information into a visual product.  Jen Juteau posted a great on Digital Natives in her blog.  Here’s another one I found clicking from Cory […]

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